Teen Shopping Tours for the Birthday Girls!

Last weekend’s Teen Shopping Tours, despite the weather, were fun, fun, fun! On Friday, the tour was for a 13-year-old birthday girl, her mom and her grandmother. I picked them up in a limo at 10am and we headed to our usual first stop on the Upper East Side. What made this tour extra special was that we had a stylist meet us at the first stop (the Abercrombie & Fitch Flagship). Kelly Mealia of Kreative Kouture and Ollie & Boo Jewelry had several outfits whipped out in no time and after a whirlwind in the dressing room, we were on our way to Henri Bendel while the mom purchased their favorites.

At Bendel’s, we focused mostly on accessories since most of their women’s clothing would be too large for the tiny teen. Kelly hand picked several headband options and again, it was a quick show for mom and grandma (who even bought some things for themselves–how could they not at the “Girl’s Playground”???). 

After the Bendel mini-spree, it was back in the limo and down Fifth Avenue to the Juicy Couture Flagship store where once again, Kelly put several cute pieces together to form some fabulous outfits. And the grandma picked out one of their signature terry-cloth track suits for HER daughter 🙂

On the way to Noho/Soho, Kelly rode along with us and showed her beautiful jewelry collection, Ollie & Boo, which had just been seen on The Today Show the previous morning. The teen picked out her favorite earrings and Kelly left us at this point of the tour. 

We continued on to Soho, where we stopped for a quick lunch break. While mom and grandma finished up eating, me and the teen headed over to the much-anticipated TopShop! This store was awesome because all 3 of the lovely ladies found clothing that worked for them here. The teen ended up getting an adorable jumper and a sweet bohemian top while the mom bought a stunning black cocktail dress and the grandma a beautiful floral blouse. 

We were running out of time at this point so we had to head uptown to the MAC store where it was time for a teen makeover in preparation for her photo shoot. While the make-up artist applied some colorful and fresh eyeshadow and lip gloss, the grandma got a “smokey-eye” lesson. 

At this point of the tour, it was time for me to leave them as they continued on to the photo shoot on location in the Meatpacking District with Caitlin Greer Photography. 

These gals were super sweet and had a wonderful time, as did I! It made me want to take a shopping trip with my mom and grandma….so fun!

On Saturday, the tour was for a Sweet 16 Birthday and the group came into the city for the day from New Jersey. I met them at Penn Station where the limo picked them up. From here we headed uptown to Henri Bendel, where I assured them they would enjoy browsing the “Girl’s Playground.” 

Since they wanted to focus more on unique, NYC shopping, we skipped Abercrombie & Fitch and Juicy Couture and headed downtown to Noho to Joyce Leslie and Necessary Clothing. On the way, they enjoyed their “teeny” cosmos. Since they’re from New Jersey they were actually familiar with Joyce Leslie but they definitely loved shopping at Necessary Clothing. They found some amazing clothes, shoes and accessories at this stop but I assured them that they needed to save up some energy for TopShop–and they did!

TopShop was a super-successful stop as the sales going on were absolutely AMAZING! There was something for everyone and they made a lot of their purchases there. 

After this stop, we headed to the West Village and they enjoyed their cupcakes along the way. There was a line at the Marc Jacobs Special Items store (as there often is) so I waited in line for them while they browsed Olive & Bettes and Juicy Couture Bleecker Street. 

We were running out of time and I had mini-makeovers planned for the teens after the tour at Makeup Forever so we quickly finished up in the West Village. (Their mom told me these teens loved, loved, loved makeup so I knew this would be a nice addition to the tour for them!) 

The limo dropped us off at Makeup Forever and while they waited for each teen to get their makeover, I mapped out a quick itinerary for them to eat dinner after, continue discount shopping and end up back at Penn Station. All in all, it was a fun birthday!

For more information about ShopNYC Tours OR to book a tour for YOUR teen’s birthday, visit www.shop-nyctours.com!

Teen Fashion and Fun Tour Birthday Party

Last Saturday’s Teen Fashion and Fun Tour was a really great time. There were three teenage girls and one of them was the birthday girl! She was visiting from Chicago and her uncle was treating her. (He came along too!) As for the other girls, one was from the city and the other was from Queens. So they were a really cute, diverse and interesting group.

When the limo pulled up, they were super-excited. I can’t imagine being in NYC when I was 13-years-old and riding in a limo with friends….. So though I never experienced it myself, I could kind of guess what they were feeling!

First stop, as usual, was the Abercrombie & Fitch Flagship. They absolutely LOVED it! From the male models, to the strong aroma of A&F cologne, they totally enjoyed the whole experience. After they shopped, they took pictures with the model at the front of the store. They were SO excited! One of the girls even said, “Wait til I show my mom!”

Next stop was Henri Bendel, but they weren’t that crazy about it. I mean, it’s not exactly in the teen budget, but they had fun browsing for a minute.

Following Bendel’s they saw the Disney Store, which isn’t normally a stop on the tour, but since we were ahead of schedule, I told them we had time to take a look.

The last store we had time to stop in on the UES was the Juicy Couture Flagship, which is always a teen favorite! They had fun browsing there for over 20 minutes (which is quite a long attention span for teens, of course!)

Next it was back in the limo and time for the “teeny” cosmos which they enjoyed very much. (They especially had fun taking pictures with them.) We were headed to the West Village to the Marc Jacobs Special Collections Store, but I realized we had about 30 minutes before they opened. So I suggested we stop at Joyce Leslie in Noho first. All the girls loved it here because the prices are 100% absolutely “teeny.” I’m sure the uncle (who was treating the birthday girl) appreciated them too though. Who wouldn’t? Cute t-shirts under $10 and cute dresses not more than $20. Heck, I’m a HUGE fan!

Last destination was the West Village. I knew they would LOVE the Marc Jacobs Special Collections Store. There was also a street fair on the same block, which was fun to browse. Although, as expected, they spent most of their time in MJ. This store is raved about all around the world. People don’t understand how things are sold for a small fraction of the regular MJ price. I don’t really understand it either. All I know is that it’s awesome for people who like labels. You can still get the MJ label without paying a fortune. The birthday girl absolutely adored this store and she came out with quite a few gifts from her uncle. The other girls made some small purchases too.

When we got back into the limo to return to the starting point of the tour, I pulled out their special treats. Magnolia Bakery is on the same block as the MJ Special Collections store and what’s a birthday party without a delicious cupcake?!? So on the way back uptown, the teens took some cute cupcake pictures and left not one crumb behind. All in all, the tour was a success!

If you’d like to plan a tour for a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or any other special occasion, visit the Contact page of www.shop-nyctours.com and inquire about our private group tours. Hope to shop with you soon!