1.) Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

Advance purchase is strongly recommended as tours often sell out. To maximize the date and

time you prefer, please book well in advance.  Tickets may be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard

or American Express through Paypal online or over the phone.

2.) Where does the tour begin and end?

For the Chic Boutique Tour, Vintage Boutique Tour, and Teen Fashion and Fun Tour, pick up and

drop off are usually at your hotel or at any other requested location in Manhattan.  For the Recessionista

Tour, pick up is at the Strawberry store in Union Square at the Southeast corner of 14th Street and

University Place and drop off is at Broadway and Broome Street in Soho.  The All-in-One Unique NYC

Shopping Tour pick up point is at Cohen’s Optical on the Southwest Corner of 14th Street and Fifth Avenue

and the drop off point is at Broadway and Broome Street in Soho.

3.) How do I find the tour guide once I get there?

Look for the guide carrying the ShopNYC Tours handbag.

4.) How long is the tour?

The Chic Boutique Tour, Vintage Boutique Tour and Teen Fashion and Fun Tour are 3 or 4 hours.  The

Recessionista Tour and the All-in-One Unique Shopping Tour are approximately 3.5 hours.

5.) How many people are on each tour?

Groups are limited to 24 people per tour.

6.) How many shops do we visit?

For the Vintage and Chic Boutique Tours we’ll suggest up to 20 shops during the tour. You may choose to

visit 5 or all 20. You will receive a map and shopping guide with a short description of each boutique along

with the location of each boutique. You can choose which stores best suit your taste and what you’re looking

for. For the Teen Tour we’ll be visiting about 10 stores with some opportunities to pick and choose but most

of the stores are visited as a group.

7.) How much time is spent in transit vs. spent shopping?

About 25% of each tour is spent in transit, while the other 75% is reserved for shopping.

8.) What is the mode of transportation?

It depends on your tour request.  The options range from a comfortable coach to a limo or towncar to subway

and walking.

9.) If I take a tour with transportation is the vehicle climate controlled?

Yes. The vehicles have air-conditioning during the summer and heat during the winter.

10.) Are we guided as a group the entire time?

You will NOT be guided as a group into one shop, but rather have the option to choose from several

shops within short walking distance of one another. For the Teen Tour there will be less options and

more shopping as a group.

11.) How many neighborhoods do we stop to shop in?

The Vintage Boutique Tour stops in 2, the Chic Boutique in 3 and the Teen Tour in 3. On all tours, you

will have the opportunity to sightsee through several other neighborhoods along the way.

12.) How much time will I actually have to shop in each boutique?

We’ll give 40 to 60 minutes in each neighborhood. The time you spend in each shop is up to you.  On the

Teen Tour, you will have approximately 20-30 minutes per store.

13.) What if I don’t have time to visit all the shops during the tour?

We try to give ample time for shopping but if you miss a favorite while on the tour, you can use the

printed shopping guides we provide to find the location following the tour (and still get the discount)!

14.) How much is the discount in the shops?

10-20% discounts are offered in select shops on the Vintage and Chic Boutique Tours.

15.) Is there walking involved?

Although some of the tour utilizes luxury or subway transportation, there is minimal walking

required at each stop.

16.) How much cash should I bring?

It’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand, however, there will be ATM’s along the way.  Most of

the shops accept credit cards as well.

17.) What if it rains or snows?

The tour runs in all weather, and we advise you to dress accordingly.

18.) How much time will I be on my feet?

You will be on your feet about 75% of the time. Be sure to wear shoes you can handle!

19.) What age is this tour most appropriate for?

The Vintage and Chic Boutique Tours are most suited for anyone under the age of 18. Tickets are

available for persons ages 11-17- years-old, however, we highly recommend our Teen Fashion and Fun Tour

for that age group.

20.) Are children allowed on the tour?

Children 10 and under are not permitted on the Vintage or Chic Boutique Tours and can only attend the Teen

Fashion Tour if accompanied by an adult.

21.) What about men?

Almost all of the stores and all of the fashion videos on each tour are suitable for women. On the

Vintage Boutique Tour most of the stores are unisex. On the Chic Boutique Tour and the Teen Fashion

Tour, only a few of the shops carry menswear but the guide will be happy to point out additional shops

for men along the way!

22.) Is parking available near the tour pick up and drop off points?

Yes. Parking is available at garages on 26th St between Broadway and 6th Ave for the Vintage and

Chic Boutique Tours and at 43rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues for the Teen Tour.  As rates

for parking vary and can be expensive, ShopNYC Tours highly recommends public transportation or

taxis for your convenience.

23.) Should I tip my guide?

Giving a tour is considered a service. Gratuity is definitely recommended and always greatly appreciated.

24.) Who will my guide be?

Your guide will not only be a licensed NYC tour guide, but a style-savvy shopaholic who knows everything

about the latest shopping and lifestyle trends. They will be knowledgeable about the latest fashion, boutiques,

cafes and nightlife. If you have any questions, they will be able to point you in the right direction!

25.) Is there a restroom anywhere on the tour?

There will be access to at least one public restroom on the tour and several cafes and restaurants.

26.) Are food and drink included in the ticket price?

A glass of champagne is included on the Chic Boutique and Vintage Boutique Luxury Transportation Tours

and a cupcake and teeny cosmos are included on the Teen Fashion Tour. For all tours, you are welcome to bring

your own food and drink, though they are not permitted inside the shops. Participants are prohibited from bringing

their own alcoholic beverages on the tours.

27.) Are there places to rest during the tour?

There will be an opportunity to rest in transportation between stops. Also, there is always an option to purchase

something to eat or drink from a local cafe if you need a rest while shopping.

28.) Do you offer the tour in foreign languages?

We can provide a translator for an additional charge, if needed. Please contact us at (800) 619-2795 for more


29.) What is included in the printed shopping guide?

The address of each recommended boutique will be printed in your shopping guide along with the boutique

descriptions.  You’ll also find a fun list of the latest fashion trends and hair/makeup trends.  Each ShopNYC

favorite (boutiques that offer a discount) will be marked with a star.

30.) Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchair accessible buses can be provided upon request if requests are made at least 48 hours in advance.

Please contact us at (800) 619-2795 for more information.

31.) Can I bring a stroller? Pet?

No. Strollers and pets are not permitted on the tour.

32.) Is there a place to put our bags in between each store?

For the transportation tours, you will be given the option to leave your bags in the transportation provided

and it will be locked.  For the subway/walking tours you will have to carry your bags. We are not responsible

for lost or stolen items.

33.) Do you offer group discounts?

A 10% discount is offered to groups of 15 or more people.

34.) When does your season end?

Our tours run year round.

35.) Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes. If you’d like to buy a gift certificate, contact us at (800) 619-2795.