NEW Webcam Shopping Experience

Shop in a New York City boutique NOW through webcam.  No travel expenses, no waiting.  Do it NOW.  This is your WEBCAM SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!

(Now offering Webcam Shopping Experiences for GROUPS.  Perfect for Birthday and Bachelorette Parties! Inquire here!)

It’s not the mall you’re tired of.  It’s not monotonous, 2-dimensional online shopping.  It’s not a $2,000 trip to New York City.  It’s a personal, live, in-boutique experience with your own guide.  You are actually shopping in a New York City boutique! (And did we mention up to 15% off your purchases in select boutiques?)

What is a Webcam Shopping Experience?  It’s a web world, people.  So wake up and smell the Skype (a program EASILY downloaded at for FREE).  We’ll set an appointment to video chat–actually video SHOP with you from a hip New York City boutique (please tell us you have a webcam–it’s 2010).  You will literally be shopping in a New York City boutique from the comfort of your own home, your office, or even from your local coffee shop that offers free Wi-fi (so long as the other patrons don’t mind your squealing when you find the perfect dress for that party that NO ONE else will have!)

Which boutiques will I be webcam shopping in?  You can shop in 1.) a boutique chosen by ShopNYC (like those featured in our web series at based on the criteria of what you’re looking for (whether it be a cocktail dress, a vintage handbag or a high-end accessory) OR 2.) a boutique chosen by YOU.

How do I make an appointment?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call at (800) 619-2795.  We’ll need the following information:

- What you’re looking for (examples:  a red cocktail dress, funky costume jewelry, brown leather over-the-knee boots–be specific!)

- Sizes that you wear in those items

- Brief description of your style–or if you don’t know your style, we can provide a stylist for you (Inquire for pricing)

- Your price range

- Preferred day/time for your webcam shopping appointment

How long will my webcam shopping appointment last?  It’s up to you!  The first half hour is $75 which includes:

- Pre-appointment phone/e-mail consulation

- In-boutique shopping time

- Personal shopping guide

- Basic shipping fee for first item purchased

ShopNYC will have items pre-selected for you based on your pre-appointment consultation, which will help to maximize your time.  If you need more time, it’s only $25 for each additional half hour.  We can also provide a model of your size/shape so you can see how the clothing/shoes will fit you (inquire for pricing).